Mission + Vision + Values +… Blah Blah Blah - We are about achieving measurable results!

Every company must have an actionable strategy, or it is “blind.” However, unless we take the vision – guided by your company’s values – and create thoughtful and measurable results, we remain “blind” on how the vision affects our daily decision-making.

Whether you are considering:

  • Borrowing money to make a significant capital investment
  • Pursuing growth through an acquisition strategy
  • Understanding the value of your company
  • Developing a succession plan
  • Driving to create new growth for your Company
  • Challenging the status quo after a difficult year
  • Transitioning your business

a thoughtfully developed strategic and financial plan is required to both evaluate options and understand the financial impact of each potential action (and more importantly their impact on the value of the company).

Nearly every decision we make as business owners comes back to one question – “how does this decision affect my goals and objectives for this business?” But many of us only have notional goals like, “grow a lot”, “make lots of money”, “keep expenses low”… but how low or how high defines success? Without tangible and measurable goals, each decision comes down to a judgment call – a call made independently by everyone in the organization… the true meaning of “being pulled in every direction.”

Large and small companies alike find our effective planning process adds great productivity to their organizations. Rather than taking time and resources to ask “how do we want to handle this decision/opportunity?”, an effective planning process implements a change to ask yourself, “How does this decision/opportunity impact our ability to meet or exceed our plan?” This type of decision-making is where the true tangible benefits are realized, as the whole organization becomes focused on achieving the plan. Since most effective planning processes include designing and implementing a simple, objective and measurable incentive plan, employees at all levels become focused on delivering results, adding immense value to the company.

Our planning process drives to the heart of what has made you successful, including tools like the “Sales Matrix.” Our Sales Matrix, outlined below, drives to the core of how a business has grown in the past as a foundation of understanding its future opportunities. We teach clients how to quantify their prior growth and future growth within the context of these four areas:

  1. Existing products to Existing customers or channels
  2. Existing products to New customers or channels
  3. New products to Existing customers or channels
  4. New products to New customers or channels

Understanding the core drivers of historical growth often times provides valuable insights into future growth opportunities or obstacles. Once we understand how we have grown, then we drill further to understand “How Deep is the Well” of potential sales under each one of these areas and what are the barriers to capture them.

Upon completion of our process, our clients enjoy:

  • A well-founded strategic direction backed by extensive competitive information
  • A set of measurable goals that guide the company's daily decision process
  • A flexible financial model, capable of quantifying various levels of plan achievement
  • A custom-built incentive compensation system to keep all eyes focused on the plan
  • A new thought process that will enable swift and efficient decision making

We look forward to seeing our planning process deliver tangible benefits to your business.