Why We Are Different

At Cincinnati Growth Partners, we focus on the issues facing the middle market. We also take pride in our competitive advantages including:

What you see is what you get.

Unlike larger firms that sell you a service then put the junior people on the job…or worse yet… those small firms that that show pictures of people “represented” as part of their firm who are really either unemployed, retired, or have other full time jobs, our Principals are personally involved in the delivery of our services.

Specializing in strategic decision-making.

Our focus is on your success, not on our back-end fee. Our compensation is not linked to convincing you to do anything, but to make the best decision for you and your stakeholders.

Expertise in the closely held, middle market segment.

Our Principals have both worked for larger public companies and have run closely held firms, giving them the insights necessary to understand a project from all relative vantage points. We function equally well in boardrooms of major corporations as we do in family held setting, giving us valuable perspectives from all angles.

Global experience necessary in today's changing market place.

Our Principals have conducted business in several countries around the world and understand how to deploy that experience in the best interests of our clients.

Pragmatic project management and attention to detail.

  • We invest heavily in our clients BEFORE the ‘meter’ starts running to better understand the drivers, motivations and details involved in a particular project.
  • We objectively hold ourselves to a high standard of client service best represented as:
    • Do we really understand how this process can be a success for the client, and
    • Are we the best firm to get the job done?