Capital Sourcing

A very wise man once said… “If you are looking for a valuable answer, then be sure to ask a quality question”
Any successful funding process starts with an objective understanding of the value drivers and risks inherent to your business. Basically, once you know how to answer the questions that most funding sources are going to ask eventually, you are able to turn the tables on what is often a long and exhausting process.
Capital sources fund less than 10% of all opportunities they review. Thus much of the decision process is based upon a limited review of the business plan presented to them. With only a limited opportunity to catch the attention of investors, companies only have ONE CHANCE at that all important first impression. Cincinnati Growth Partners understands the intricacies of this market and actively works with its clients to present a compelling story that is typically much more fact based than any other funding package in the marketplace.
Cincinnati Growth Partners complements its representation expertise with access to both public and proprietary databases, which consolidates investment philosophies of thousands of different capital sources. We maintain active relationships with a large number of these funds which can make the process of raising capital much easier.
Our Capital Sourcing process is proven to:
  1. Shift the balance of power from the funding sources to you the borrower.
  2. Greatly reduce the total time to funding.
  3. Fill the process with facts, not empty promises.
  4. Attain the best available rates, terms and condition for your specific business.
  5. Position the company for future access to growth funding.
Our success is based on our vast experience in all types of funding instruments, including:

Commercial Banks

Strategic Investors

Merchant Banks

Venture' Capital

Subordinated / Mezzanine Debt

Preferred Stock

Public Debt/Equity

Initial Public Offerings

Since the market for capital is quite vast and ever changing, Cincinnati Growth Partners will help you analyze the relative costs and benefits of various funding options to determine the best overall strategy for your specific situation.
If you are looking for an active partner in your search for new Capital, and you understand real value goes beyond the names in the Rolodex, we look forward to the opportunity to work with you.
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