Buying or Selling a business for most people is a once in a lifetime event that most people do not want to risk the DO IT YOURSELF strategy. Consider buying or selling a company like building an addition on your home. In order for this process to be successful, one should consider:

  1. Who has time to manage this process?
  2. Who has the expertise to deliver the project on time and within budget?
  3. Who has done this successfully hundreds of times before?
  4. How costly can an error be in the eyes of your employees or customers?

Just like the example above, an experienced investment-banking firm is best suited to handle the complex tasks involved in buying another company or finding a strategic buyer for your own.

Our philosophy is to create a competitive market, with a number of concurrent bidders, in order to generate the highest price, as well as present the broadest array of merger possibilities. While taking the positive step and creating a market for your company appears the obvious path, it is actually more complex and difficult than it would seem.

For this reason, it is always advisable to have an investment banking firm working for your interests.

Our Investment Banking practice will:

  1. Define an appropriate marketing strategy, considering the client's goals and sensitivities.
  2. Pragmatically determine a likely range of values for the Company.
  3. Prepare a clear, concise, compelling and complete Descriptive Marketing Memorandum on the Company.
  4. Efficiently focus on areas of synergy available to the most attractive and willing suitors.
  5. Design sale structures that best achieve the personal and corporate goals for the seller.
  6. Effectively market the Company to a focused group of strategic buyers.
  7. Lead identification and coordination of legal, tax and accounting expertise in the negotiations.
  8. Facilitate buyer due diligence.
  9. Lead effective and objective negotiations, to keep tensions and distractions in check.
  10. Coordinate flow of information and discussions, thus insulating clients from the work and disruption associated with this process.
  11. Coordinate and manage integration planning and employee communication process.

We welcome the opportunity to manage your strategic Acquisition or Sale process.