Growth Initiatives

Identifying and Executing Strategic Growth Initiatives

Any advisor can make empty claims that they can help you to grow, but when you ask them specifics on how, you often get “consultant speak” – a bunch of “mumbo-jumbo.”
CGP has a proven history of flushing out the possibilities and turning them into deliverable probabilities. For years we have been developing strategies and specific action steps for clients that resolve these frequent questions. Are you asking any of these questions of your company’s prospective advisors?
  • We have enjoyed double-digit growth, but the strain on the organization seems immense. Can you help us maintain this rate of growth without imploding our key people?
  • We continue to grow, but our Bank only wants to lend on our past performance, and just doesn’t seem to support our growth? Can you design and source the financing we need to fund the growth of our Company?
  • Before we make another major investment, I would like to have more confidence in the Companies ability to repeat its success and continue its growth? Can you help us validate several market assumptions before we take this huge step for our Company?
  • My market is consolidating and I want to diversify. Can you help us determine where and how best to create new growth for our Company?
  • We seem to be in a stagnant market with little room for growth. We are considering acquisitions, but with the failure rate so high, can you help us grow effectively through acquisitions?

At CGP, our answer is, "YES WE CAN!"

Whether you are trying to increase your Company’s growth rate, create new growth, or repeat prior growth, the same principals apply. After fully investigating and analyzing your unique situation, we match one or more of our core skills to help create a clear and complete action plan to accomplish your goals. But our work does not stop there….
All too often Company’s pay too much for a “plan” for growth, that sounds good but ends up sitting on the shelf as it has no deliverable action plan. At CGP, we not only will create an actionable growth strategy but also employ our vast experience to help you execute and deliver on it!
Whether you desire to grow organically, pursue acquisitions or a sale process, secure growth financing, or just understand how to maximize the value of the company today, we can help. Ask our clients how we have helped identify and execute a strategic growth plan for their companies.
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