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It's not magic, it's a triangle: How do I know the real value of my business?
Creating Real Value by Migrating Your "Family Business" into a "Business Family"
Dollars' Last Days - Purpose Increases Value
Why Do Less Than 30% of Family Businesses Survive to the 2nd Generation?
"Multiples Schmutiples" - Interesting for Conversation - Dangerous for Setting Expectations
Step 1 of 8 - Forming the Foundation of A Successful Transition
I-Zone CEO Summit - March 10, 2004 (audio presentation)
Moerlein Lager House News
Construction Moerlein Lager House Construction Update Video- December, 2011
Announcement by the Cincinnati Parks regarding the Moerlein Lager House
An Article from Building Cincinnati regarding the Moerlein Lager House
Video: Cincinnati Riverfront Park Construction Update Winter, 2009-2010
Video: Cincinnati Riverfront Park flyover
Video: Cincinnati Riverfront Park Grounbreaking -9/29/2008

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